A New Year | Gilbert Photographer

I want to take a moment to thank all of my clients, both old and new, for a wonderful end to 2011.  Many of you know that I had stopped taking sessions during my pregnancy due to some difficulties and I was not expecting to have much of anything for the 2011 year.  Right before the holidays I decided that I not only felt great, but our little Ashton was doing fantastic..so I posted a killer deal. Holiday Sessions for $75. Wow.  I’m still not sure what I was thinking – other than I hadn’t been doing any sessions for nearly a year (except for a few corporate contracts) and that I really wanted to have some fun.  And fun was had.  So thank you to all you wonderful clients that gave me a wonderful opportunity to capture your smiles. I hope you had fun too!

There are some big changes coming up for Jill Jacobs Photography.  One is in the early stages. It was not expected to happen this year – but I am over the moon in excitement for it…We may have a new studio space in a few months.  !!! It’s one reason that I’m not falling asleep very easily as of late. So many ideas for how I want things laid out.

I’m also making plans to attend a workshop one of my photography idols is holding in a couple of months. If you haven’t seen Jodie Otte’s work, please visit her site and prepare to fall in love.  Though come to think of it, if you’ve paged through any magazine with a print ad for Similac, then you have in fact seen some of the amazing skills she possesses.

The downside…I’ll be away from my husband and my 2 year old and 5mo old boys for the first time ever..seriously…the last time I was away for longer than a couple of hours was a date night in February 2010, which lasted 3 hours. *wink* I’m going to need some serious hugs and kisses before I leave and as soon as I get back.

That’s all for now – but stay tuned. I think there will be another fantastic deal to celebrate my new studio space!

Trotto Family | Mesa Family & Pet Photographer

This was such a unique session for me as it was the first time I was photographing family pets. These ladies reminded me so much of siblings. SO much fun – despite a little incident that cut our session short. I hope this isn’t the last time I get to hang with these beautiful dogs. They were so fun, I even forgot a few times my allergies to them! Hope you enjoy your sneak peek!

Cranney Family | Gilbert Family Photographer

It was so fun to meet this family.  They are part of one of my best friends family and I’d heard so much about them – it was wonderful to put some faces to the names I’ve been hearing.  I also had a lot of  fun during this session capturing the different personalities of these sisters – and how much they love and dote on their new little brother. We ended the session with a surprise cookie picnic…and wouldn’t you know…snow?!  (OK, so the snow was added in later, but they were great sports for letting me play a little.) Enjoy your sneak peek!

MCP Actions | Products I Love

I’m often asked how I get from start to finish on my images.  There are many factors that go into getting a great SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera) image.  But once the shooting is done, then the fun starts in post processing.  I use Photoshop CS5 and have things worked out where many of my processes are automated.  There are a few tools I use on every image and I’m about to share one of my most loved…Photoshop actions by MCP Actions.  If you haven’t heard of them or you have and have been contemplating purchasing…no need to deliberate any further. You WILL love them.  Stick them on your Christmas wish list to make sure Santa puts them in your virtual stocking!

Stay tuned…after the madness of Holiday Family Sessions are done, I’ll post a simple step by step on a snapshot photo and how you make it look just a little more than a snapshot.

Here’s an example of what MCP Actions did on this photo. I used MCP Bag of Tricks Magic Light and Magic Dark. I also used a low opacity of Magical Color Finder Vivid.

Peterson Family | Gilbert Family Photographer

After a couple of reschedules due to sickness and then the weather, I finally met up with the Peterson’s to take their family photo in one of my holiday mini sessions. This isn’t the first time I’ve photographed this family so it was a lot of fun to see how much everyone had grown in the last year and a half!  The location ended up looking perfect for a fall themed photo with lots of leaves and fruits on the ground but without the cold! Enjoy your sneak peek!

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