Mini Mall | Gilbert Portrait Photographer

I had so much fun participating in this Holiday Mini Mall. I wanted to have something to thank all those who came out to support the small businesses that participated, and so I gave a free portrait for use in Social Media. Here are just a few of those.

Princess E | Gilbert Newborn Photographer

The day this little princess walked into my studio with her mom was the day I found one of the most amazing friends I’ve ever had. I fell in love with her and her mom and am so excited to get to see her grow up through the years. Introducing Miss E!

Taylor | Gilbert Newborn Photographer

Fall & Holiday Mini Sessions | Gilbert Family Photographer

It’s that time of year, when the sun sets a little earlier, temperatures start to cool off, and you suddenly realize it’s the middle of September and the beginning of the holidays are just around the corner. I love this time of year and particularly this year, when we have had one of the best monsoon seasons in awhile. I have loved each and every rain storm! (Thunder happens to be on my list of favorite things.) What about you? Here in Arizona, we don’t have quite as many of mother natures way of telling us Fall is almost here. Living here, each person develops their own ‘signals’ that Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years are just about here. For me, as a photographer, I’m very aware of the time the sun sets. So that is one of my biggest signals. Another is the first week we have more temps under 100 than over and you can sit outside in the evenings and not feel like the oven has been left on. Let’s go out to use your pool and realize the water is actually cool. I’m not a big TV sport fan, but my friends talking about football is another hint. I also used to use the stores as one of my hints that Fall was almost here – but it seems they are putting out Christmas stuff almost as soon as Easter is over, so I can’t count on them anymore. 🙂

Here is another signal for you – you start seeing ads from photographers for Fall & Holiday Mini Sessions!!

Well, I am no different. And I really want to see your smiling faces in front of my lens, on my computer screen, in your holiday newsletters and on your holiday cards!  I am offering discounts for those who book early. The $50 booking fee still applies (non-refundable), but as always, it is applied towards your total session cost.  Here’s the breakdown:



Just a few more words:  If you have more than 6 people, give me a call or shoot me an email with the details and I’ll work with you on the cost. Usually it’s $15 for each extra person, but there are cases where the charge is reduced.  An example is children under one year or large groups. There is also a discount for referrals that clients send me – both the existing client and the referral will receive a 10% discount once booking fees are received. Even if you’re a new client, you can get in on this simply by having friends or family mention you sent them. As soon as both of your booking fees are received, both parties will receive the 10% discount.

That’s it. I’ve done my piece for the day. I’m excited for this years photos – I have some great locations in mind and for those who prefer a studio setting – my in-home studio is ready and waiting!

Hope to see your smiling faces soon!



Leon Family | Gilbert Newborn Photographer

It’s a Boy! I was so excited to hear the news that the Leon family had a boy! I love having two little boys and after seeing what a great little boy [N] was, I just knew that he needed a little brother.The Leon Family welcomed their little man, [L], a little ahead of schedule. There were so many shots that we wanted to get and though little [L] didn’t think we needed that many, he was a trouper! We’ll see this little man grow up over the next year, along with his brother [N]! Yea!  Introducing….


F a c e b o o k